UKA Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures

October 25, 2013


Dear Club Secretary,

Please find the revised National Disciplinary Procedure available here and Grievance Procedures available here. We ask that you and your Committee members familiarise yourself with the content and make a copy available to your membership.  You will also be able to locate an online version available here

Please ensure that in the first instance all disciplinary/grievance reports are resolved at Club level, matters should only be directed to England Athletics Welfare (National Level) once a club has exhausted all attempts to reach a resolution at Club level.

In addition to the above revised policies please can you also cast your attention to the newly revised Welfare Policy (2009) from UKA (attachment included), again please can you ensure that your volunteer workforce are aware of these policies and a copy is available at the club for your membership to view if necessary.  The policy is now viewed as two separate documents that address the following areas

1. Safeguarding Children Welfare Policy (2013)
2. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy (2013)

Online copies available here