Track & Field

The ESAA National Track & Field Championships is the fourth largest athletics event in the World, staged annually.

Organised entirely by volunteer teachers, the event brings together the best athletes in each county in England to compete for the honour of being the best athlete in the country at their event.

Athletes are selected by county team managers to represent Sussex. Prime consideration is given to performances at County Schools Championships, which are normally held around the second week of June, but other outstanding performances elsewhere are taken into consideration.

Nearly all the UK Olympic Athletics team members have featured in the ESAA Championships, some other Olympic Team members too.

Sussex has a great tradition in the event and Brighton and Hove AC has had many medallists. Below we celebrate our club athletes who have stood at the top of the podium, as English Schools’ Champions.

Please note this list is a work in progress.

2023 U19G Javelin Rachael Wall Brighton Girls 45.05m
2022 U17W Javelin Dulcie Yelling Varndean 45.59m
2021 U19G Javelin Elizabeth Korczak Brighton Coll 48.47m
2019 U17W Javelin Elizabeth Korczak Brighton Coll 47.70m
2018 U17W Javelin Elizabeth Korczak Brighton Coll 46.85m
2017 U19B 110mH Cameron Fillery Brighton Coll 13.76s
U15G Javelin Elizabeth Korczak Brighton Coll 41.26m
2016 U17G 300m Amber Anning Roedean 38.81s
U17B Javelin Edan Cole Card New 59.81m
2015 U15G 200m Amber Anning Roedean 25.03s/24.75s
2013 U19G 400m Holly Turner Card New 55.29s
2001 U19G Discus Claire Smithson BHAS 52.74m
2000 U19G Discus Claire Smithson B.Mill 47.51m
U17G Javelin Samantha Redd Oak 42.70m
1999 U17G Discus Claire Smithson B.Mill 49.36m
1998 U15G Javelin Samantha Redd Oak 38.99m
1997 U15G Discus Claire Smithson B.Mill 38.14m
U15G Javelin Samantha Redd Oak 34.72m
1989 U15G Long jump Geraldine Chate DoStr 5.29m
1986 U20G High jump Kerry Roberts Priory 1.78m
1985 U20G High jump Kerry Roberts Priory 1.77m
1983 U20B 5,000m. Richard Carter VarB 14:48.9sec
1982 U20B 5,000m. Richard Carter VarB 14:41.5sec
1979 U20B 5,000m. Andrew Bristow VarB 14:36.2sec
1977 U15B Relay Neil Grover 46.5sec
1976 U20B 800m. Simon Morley BHSG 1:53.3sec
1975 U20B 200m Andy Parker WmFletcher 23.6sec
1972 U15B 800m Steve Ovett VarB 1:55.0s
U17B Javelin John Trower LewG 62.14m
1970 U15B 400m Steve Ovett VarB 51.8sec
U20B 5km Walk Richard Evans VarB 23:56.0sec
1969 U20B Triple jump Brian Hull HasG 14.99m
U20B Javelin Adrian Diffey LewG 65.88m
1968 u15B High jump Will Paterson VarnB 1.80m
U15G 70y.Hur Denise Etheridge Oakm 11.1sec
1967 U15B High jump Will Paterson VarnB 1.67m
U15B 440yards Andy Todd E.GrG 49.1sec
U20B Shot Mike Winch VarnB 17.49m
1966 U19B Triple jump Brian Hull HastG 14.09m
U17G High jump Rosemary Bray 1.55m
U19G 100yards Angela Birch VarnG 11.1sec
1965 U17B Shot Will Bartholomew LewG 16.04m
U17B 120y.Hur Andy Todd E.GrG 14.7sec
U17B 80yhurdles Pat Robinson DoStr 11.2sec
1964 U15B Relay Pat Robinson 46.9sec
1961 U17B Half-mile Peter Travis VarnB 2:07.0sec
U15G Half-mile Jill Vincent Wor 2:16.1sec
1960 U19B 440yards Tim Dore HovG 53.8sec
1959 U15B Discus Wendy Thomas K.Man 36.30m
1958 U15B 100yards Rick Seeley Rye 10.2sec
U17B Half-mile Peter Standen BexG 1:56.7sec
1957 U17B Discus John Farmer Btn 52.76m
U 19B Half-mile Peter Standen BexG 2:06.3sec
1955 U15B Discus John Farmer Btn 43.46m
1952 U19G Discus Suzanne Farmer Btn 37.40m
1951 U17 Discus Suzanne Farmer Btn 36.66m
1950 U17 Discus Suzanne Farmer Btn 28.40m


To be continued…