First Aid Policy Brighton & Hove Athletic Club

(April 2018)

Brighton & Hove AC recognises its responsibility to ensure there are enough first aid trained personnel to provide emergency medical treatment to Club Members and non-Members in the event of an injury or sudden onset, or worsening of an illness whilst on Club premises, or when involved in athletics activities and at Club Events.

First Aid must only be administered by a qualified and Club authorised Member with a valid first aid qualification or by a qualified member of staff from Freedom Leisure.

First aid certificates issued under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1983 are valid for three years from the date of the examination.

It is the responsibility of the Club authorised Member to ensure that their certificate does not expire and that refresher training is undertaken in good time, contact the Club Management Committee* for information on how to obtain refresher training.

The Club recognises that a first aid qualified Member may also be in a situation where a non-Member requires first aid whilst at the Club during athletics activities and at Club Events; such circumstances will be covered by the Club’s insurance policies.

A record of any incident in which any person required first aid whilst on Club premises or when involved in athletics activities and at Club Events must be made as soon as possible using the appropriate Incident Form. It is essential that if any individual refuses treatment the incident be logged accurately with as much information as possible, including details of witnesses present. On training nights these can be found inside the First Aid Kits issued to each lead coach. There will also be one at the entry table and in the main Clubhouse.

All Coaching personnel are expected to maintain their UKA Coaches licence, which provides sufficient further individual insurance cover. The Club’s insurance will not, however, provide personal or public liability protection to first aid trained and authorised Members who administer first aid outside of athletics activities or Club Events to non-Members, for example assisting a member of the public in the street, on a train etc.

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