It is one of the highest community honours, outside of sporting participation, to be nominated to the position of President of your club.

We salute the many former athletes and key officials of B&H AC who have held this title.

Our incumbent and two times President, Graham Ashdown, was a fine athlete, who was forced to stop running when diagnosed with dystonia. Pioneering brain surgery gave him back his mobility. Graham is the man you will see on the gate on a Tuesday evening, winter and summer, taking the entry fees.

We thank Graham for his ongoing selfless service and honour our many previous presidents also, for their roles in helping shape Brighton & Hove AC into the thriving hub it is today.

1966 Mr H L Wills

1970 Mr Sam Levison

1972 Mrs Mary Webb

1974 Mr Sydney Gradwell

1977 Mr Mike Langmaid

1980 Mr Reg Hook

1982 Mr Chris Carter

1984 Mrs May Langmaid

1986 Mr Alan Buchannan

1988 Mr John Harmes

1990 Mrs Elaine Carter

1991 Mr Harry Tyler

1992 Mrs Elaine Carter

1993 Hugh Foord

1995 John Hay

1997 Graham Ashdown

1999 Mrs Hazel Bristow

2001 Mr Frank Burton

2003 Mr Peter Witcomb

2007 Mr Derek Wood

2014 – present Mr Graham Ashdown







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