Hello and thank you for your interest in joining Brighton and Hove City Athletic Club, either for you or for your child.

We cater for the athletic development of people aged 9 to 99! To make sure we give you the correct advice on how to join, please read the information below that relates to you (or the person you want to join).

  • Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December of a calendar year.
  • Subscriptions must be renewed each January.
  • Membership entitles you to coaching, competition with the club and reduced rate entry to the track on club nights.

In your first year only, if you join after 1st November you will pay the fee for the following year but will get November and December of this year free of charge.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are under 16, please don’t attempt to join unless you have spoken to a coach or official at the club. 

The rates of membership include the fee, where applicable, that England Athletics charges (currently £19) for athletes to be affiliated and therefore eligible to compete in certain competitions. It is club policy that all club athletes are affiliated.

You must be a current member to compete for the club otherwise, you may be disqualified from competition.

When renewing membership, please ensure you apply for the correct category of membership. Category age is that on 1st January (speak with your coach if unsure).

If you are a coach or an official volunteer with the club (or a life member) please sign up so we have your details but there is no charge to join the club. If you also wish to compete, the England Athletics fee is still payable. (Membership requests in these categories require approval from the membership secretary).

If you have any questions contact Rhiannon Rowe by email at rhiannon.rowe@brightonandhoveac.com

New athletes aged 9 – 15

Please contact Rhiannon Rowe to discuss.

New athletes aged 15 and over

If you are aged 15 and over, not yet a member of our club and looking to develop your track and field skills and become an active competitive athlete for we’d love to hear from you!

For more information contact Rhiannon Rowe by email at rhiannon.rowe@brightonandhoveac.com for advice as to which of the training groups you would be best suited.


If you are a currently competing athlete and wish to train at the club and/or join, please contact Rhiannon Rowe by email at rhiannon.rowe@brightonandhoveac.com

Adult Running Club/ Adult runners

We have a thriving running group, run by Sam Lambourne, who train at the Withdean track on a Tuesday from 7 PM.

You can just turn up to this group and you will be fitted to a group that best suits your ability.

If you wish to join the club, which will enable you to have reduced cost of entry to training nights, and to many events, as well as giving England Athletics registration, which for some events is now compulsory, follow the link below:

Competing & Changing Clubs

If you have never been a member of an Athletic Club, you will be eligible to compete for Brighton and Hove AC as soon as you have filled in an application form, paid the appropriate fee and been accepted.

If you have been a member of another club, you must resign from that club before joining Brighton and Hove. You can find details and complete a Change of Athletic Club form online via the England Athletics portal.