U13 Summer Track and Field Awards 2012

October 2, 2012

Thirty seven young athletes were honoured on Tuesday night at a celebration in the new B&H clubhouse at Withdean stadium. The victorious team, who in September became Sussex U13 League Champions, following their earlier success in the U13 East division, were awarded certificates and gold medals.

Team manager Pete Witcomb and Club President Derek Wood hosted, under the watchful eye of B&H Chairman Chris Carter.
Seven of the young athletes also achieved AAA Track & Field Grade 1 standard – a club record in this age group – which means their performance ranks them in the top 7.5 % of their age group nationally. They received certificates and grade badges:

Poppy Henderson Shot
Emily Robinson Javelin
Amber Anning 150 m
Moyo Oloko 75m
Jessica Tsapparelli Hurdles
Edan Cole Javelin
Piers Hamer  High Jump



Well done to the U13 team and a big thanks to all their dedicated coaches.  

U13 Boys team 2012     U13 Girls team 2012  
Ben Wilson     Alisha Tsapparelli  
Edan Cole     Amber Anning  
Ewan Edmans      Anna Valeri  
Harry Neale     Carmen Adjare  
Joe Barker     Emily Robinson  
Joseph Routledge     Ester Silver  
Joshua Reeves     Francesca Walmsley  
Joshua Firsht     Georgia Coleshill  
Joshua Fitzgerald     Jedida Dougnalo  
Joshua Hawkins     Jemima Edwards  
Kyle Albiston     Jessica Tsapparelli  
Liam Neale     Josephine Grumitt  
Piers Hamer     Katherine Abel  
Ryan Lowry-Smith     Megan Nelson  
Sam Wilkinson     Moyo Oloko  
Thomas Blanden     Olivia Dornan  
Tobias Hawkins     Poppy Henderson  
Tomas de Jesus     Ruby Daniels  
Tom Wright