Summer Award Winners

October 11, 2023

Congratulations to our athletes who won awards at our recent Summer presentation and to Christel Shaw who was our club Official Of the Year.
We thank all the team managers, coaches, committee members and helpers who support our club.

Brighton and Hove AC Summer Awards 2023

Sussex League (u13)

Boy’s performance award                Louis Ashworth

Boy’s contribution award                 Arthur Rogers

Girl’s performance award                Seren Rowe

Girl’s contribution award                 Mia Diacci                          

Sussex league (u15)

Boy’s performance award                 Saul Bennett

   “    contribution award                  Raffaele Barra

Girl’s performance award                 Halle Millard

  “    contribution award                   Heidi Ely

YDL (u13)

Boy’s performance award               Isaac Machin

Boy’s contribution award                Joaquin Perez Rowe    

Girl’s performance award                Alex Koloutsos

Girl’s contribution award                 Florence Matten

YDL (u15)

Boy’s performance award               Noah Walker

Girl’s performance award               Angelina Diacci

Boy’s contribution award                Kieran Parr

Girl’s contribution award                Kira Dunford

YDL (U17)

Men’s performance award             Dylan Calvey

Men’s contribution award              Dylan Parr

Women’s performance award       Stella Kalman

Women’s contribution award        Dulcie Yelling

YDL (u20)

Men’s performance award             Henry Yelling

Men’s contribution award              Alex Riley

Women’s performance award       Rachael Wall

Women’s contribution award       Lucy Kirby

SAL: men’s performance award        Toby Hawkins  

           “                “                  “             Jack Wadman                              “                  “                                          Matt Grinrod       

SAL women’s      “                  “             Rachael Wall                            “                  “                                          Livvy Connor  

           “                “                  “             Dulcie Yelling

SAL: men’s contribution award         Matt Smith      

           “               “                   “             Toby Hawkins

           “                “                  “             Remi Coates  

SAL: women’s contribution award   Aneira Farrah-Daniel

              “                “                    “       Livvy Connor                               “                    “                                        Tilly Wilburn

Veterans League:

Women’s performance:                     Stef Dornbusch Women’s contribution:                      Judith Carder

Men’s performance:                          Brian Steene

 “                “                                          Kevin Baker

Men’s contribution:                         Richard McGregor

Official of the year:                           Christel Shaw