U11 Regional Sportshall

February 29, 2016

Some of the youngest athletes in the club competed for Sussex at the Under 11 regional Sportshall final on Sunday. The annual event at the Triangle in Burgess Hill brings together the best Sportshall teams from across the South East.

The Sussex athletes were up against strong opposition and with weakened teams due to injury and availability, struggled to make an impact. However there were several strong performances from the young team.

Sussex had one overall victor on the field – Craig Harris (HBS) who won the Target Throw. On the track Kofi Obeng (B&H) and Muhammad Wilson (CRA) were second in the 2×2 lap relay. This was an extremely exciting race as Kofi came from behind and made up ground to snatch second place on the line.

In the girls Grand Prix the team consisting of Maisie Walker (HBS), Sophie Dudman (CHIC), Hope Yelling (WDH) and Ruby Wilson (B&H) were second. Meanwhile in the Obstacle Relay Freddie Johnson (HH), Dan Jackson (HBS), Patrick Mair (HBS) and Tom McKee (WDH) came third, as did the boys in the Standing Long Jump – Kofi Obeng, Muhammad Wilson and Felix Sutton (PHX).Sophie Dudman (CRA) and Ruby Wilson (B&H) were fourth in the 1+1 relay as was Keira Drewry (CRA) in the Speed Bounce.

Overall the boys came sixth and the girls were seventh.Team Manager Kim Milnthorpe said, “There was a great atmosphere, everyone enjoyed themselves and all the athletes were happy to do the unusual events like balance test and target throw.”

Thanks to Richard Carter – Sportshall U11 Team Manager – who supported the athletes and congratulations to all the B&H athletes who competed for Sussex (photo above).

Girls: Ruby Wilson and Amber Purcell

Boys: Kofi Obeng, Oscar Lily, Rudy Jones and Paddy Conneely


Sportshall Girls Results

Sportshall Boys Results