Sportshall – Regional Final, Sunday 23rd February 2014, Burgess Hill

February 23, 2014

altHundreds of young athletes from all over the South East made their way to Burgess Hill on Sunday for the annual inter-counties U13 and U15 regional Championship. B&H athletes Joshua Firsht, Thomas Mutali, Matthew Smith, Jedida Dougnaglo (back row), Amber Anning, Hannah Brockbank, Amber Pennington and Anna Dornbusch were flying the blue flag for Sussex. Amber Anning retained her two U13 regional titles, winning both the standing triple jump (7.46m) and 4-lap sprint in some style.

Despite its 30 year history and reputation as a springboard for several of the country’s greatest athletes Sportshall athletics has been hard hit since the end of Aviva’s sponsorship in 2013. It is only because of the support of the local athletics associations that competition has continued this year. Volunteer officials from Sussex and Hampshire were out in force to ensure the smooth running of the event.  

U13 girls – 6th overall

Hannah Brockbank: 2-lap 14th (26.8), Shot 9th (7.84m), 4×2 lap relay 2nd

Amber Anning: Standing triple jump 1st (7.46m), 4-lap race 1st (52.9), 4×2 lap relay 2nd.

Amber Pennington: Shot 7th 7.99m

Anna Dornbusch: Speed bounce 14th (68)

U13 boys team overall 5th

Thomas Mutali: – 4-lap 5th= (53.6), Shot 9th (8.15m)

Joshua Firsht: 6-lap 7th (1.29.3), Speed bounce 7th= (73), Parlauf 5th.

U15 girls team overall 5th

Jedidia Dougnaglo: 4-lap 16th (58.6), Shot 20th (6.10m), Vertical jump 9th (60cms). Individually 38th place

U15 boys team overall 3rd

Matt Smith: 2-lap 18= (24.3), Shot 5th (10.70m), SLJ 8th (2.45m) 4×2 lap relay 4th individually 17th=