Southdowns Trail Challenge

June 3, 2008

Wednesday 25th June 2008
Devil’s Dyke

Invite you to enjoy a trail race around the scenic surroundings of Devil’s Dyke, part of the South Downs near Brighton. Several checkpoints define the course, which will be run along tracks, trails or field boundaries – the challenge arises from choosing the fastest route between them. A figure of eight course of approximately 8k will be on offer with the option of only running a shorter first loop. The course will be undulating with several climbs.

Parking will be at the top of Devil’s Dyke outside the pub and family restaurant. The Dyke is well signposted from Poynings in the North and the Hove junction of the A27 to the South.

There will be a single mass start at 7.30pm, registration will be open from 6.30pm. Maps with the pre-marked checkpoints (that define the course) will be distributed upon payment of the entry fee (£4 seniors, £2 for under 21s). This fee includes the hire of an electronic ‘finger’ (as used in adventure racing) to record your arrival at checkpoints, and instant results showing your total time as well as split times between checkpoints.

Please visit or contact the organiser