Mid-packers June 2008

June 18, 2008


About time for a mid-packers transmogrification, let’s hope you can recognise. Isn’t the new web site great, nice one Boycee! To write this now is like making puff pastry over buying frozen from Tescos.

Results of races will be added as Dave/Richard/Shaun and others see them, so keep looking in the results section.

Worthing 10K June 4th

Proceeded by desperate phone calls from Auntie Maureen looking for a loudspeaker, the run still went smoothly as can be expected from a well established event. While the wind may have had some effect, the 5K marker was a bit out, Louis Taub, who is going really well, went through in 16.10, and spluttering runners all the way down the field report big positive splits. Of note is a big pb by Peter Thompson, nice one, and the possible re-emergence of Paul Prosser and Drew Stiles in the road running scene, may they run fast and prosper. Results

South Downs Way Relay, 7th June

Mens Team

From a blustery Beachy Head Tom Ulliott led off the solid vets team that also included Shaun Billing, Kevin Bush, Gary Christie, Raymond Hickman and last minute replacement Mark Halls. It was clear from the start that the team would not be in contention for the overall prize, but there was some hope of a victory in the vets competition, though Arena vets were pushing hard. It came down to the Storrington road works which meant most teams couldn’t get to a changeover before the incoming runner. Kev stepped to the plate and ran 2 legs back to back, while the Arena chose to changeover and incurred a 5 minute delay. Brighton vets beat Arena by 3 minutes in the end in fairly controversial circumstances. as always a fantastic day, not even spoilt by a rant from a slightly drunk team leader!

Ladies Team

The ladies team, Sara Hinchliffe, Suzie Copus, Laura Burton, Evie Cicha, Cathy Ulliott and replacement ‘Christine’ Moyle ran really well, easily beating the Pigs Trotters and arriving at the finish well before the mens team.


Heathfield 10K 22nd June

Windy but otherwise good conditions for this very hilly 10K road race. A great performance by Katie Moore, who has just returned form her studies; placing easily first lady and 10th overall. Together with Laura Burton and Elaine Everill the ladies cleaned up first, second third and team prizes (quite nice engraved mugs). Louis continues his recent form with a fine third, and John Ramsden reports that the ambulance got quite close to him sometimes, he wonders if it is a sign. Results.