January 21, 2016

News from B&HAC

Hello everyone, and welcome to what we hope will be the start of an era of better communication within the club. The committee of the club are aware that in the past we have struggled to communicate as effectively as we would have liked, and we are trying to improve in this area. To that end, if there is anyone reading this who has expertise in this area we would welcome help to improve. If you can assist in any way please contact us on:


When you completed your membership application, you were asked to indicate areas which you would be prepared to help out at the club. One of the areas of interest that many people put was photography. Our athletes compete in many and varied events throughout the year and it is great when we have good photographs of these events for our website and the clubhouse. As there are one or two considerations around photography in this area I would like to invite anyone who is interested please to email me at

For those that don’t know, the Welfare Officer looks after the pastoral care and well-being of club members of any age, so feel free to come to me with any issues or concerns you may have.You’ll probably recognise me as I’m usually wearing something orange

Cindi Halloren

Join in!

The club is run entirely by volunteers and we are always in need of extra help.To publicise this John Clements has managed to arrange for David Moorcroft (Yes, THE David Moorcroft, former world record holder for 5000m!) to come and talk about how YOU can get involved and what it means for the future of sport in the UK. This is an amazing opportunity to meet a real legend of British Athletics. Please put Tuesday 16th February in your diaries, and more details will follow.

If you feel you can offer any time as a volunteer with the club, please e-mail on

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