Important Club update to training at track

September 24, 2020

During this period of uncertainty changes are continually happening at Brighton and Hove Athletic Club. We are delighted to be welcoming back most of our training groups however, this also means there will be inevitable queues developing at the clubhouse for registration.

We have worked very hard to try to combat this and have created a QR code which can we scanned by your mobile phone camera, if it doesn’t work on your mobile,  either download the QR scan APP or you can still register in the clubhouse and sign in.

The QR code below will take you directly to a URL link to the Brighton and Hove AC training form. This MUST be filled in before you can start training on club nights, either on the day but no more than 8 hours before or whilst waiting for your temp check. This applies to all athletes, coaches and volunteers and is very quick and easy to do.

If it is your first time returning to Withdean it is imperative that you also bring the Health Form questionnaire with you.  Download HERE.

You must still make your way to the clubhouse (this may change in the future as we streamline the system), have your temperature taken, and pay the requisite fee for training – Age 16 and under – £3.00, Over 16 – £3.50. If you are a non-member you will be charged £5. Masks must be worn within the clubhouse. You can then make your way to your training group.

NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED. Family members/friends cannot remain in the stadium. After accompanying your child to the clubhouse please return to your vehicles, making your way along the back of the stand. Do not walk onto the track.

This system will start today 24th September 2020.

We envisage this will hopefully cut queues at busy times.

We are determined that our club will remain Covid-19 secure and continue to remain open for training for everyone. Thank you for understanding. Big thanks to Sarah Yelling and Serena Smith for organising the QR system.

Kind regards,

Serena and Sarah, Covid 19 officers

Brighton & Hove AC