How to use the backend website

October 22, 2013

This page has videos on how to use the backend of this website.

Click the arrows in the bottom right corner to view Full Screen. You can press Escape to exit full screen and return to normal view whenever you want.


How to log into the backend



Important info (Don’t Use the Web Browser Back Buttons)



Changing your password

— Coming Soon —



Creating a new article



Using the Article Manager to find and edit existing articles




Giving articles Titles, Saving into Sections and Categories, and Publishing




Saving / Applying / Closing articles



Pasting text into a new article (Plain Text only)



Formatting text



Adding a ‘Read More’ button



Inserting images



Optimising images for the web (very important !)



Adding and editing tables within articles



Creating links to external websites



Altering the Meta information (Parameters and Advanced)




Creating new events

— Coming Soon —