Horsham 10K

May 11, 2008

High heat in the Horsham 10K held on 11th May. The undulating and twisty 2 lap course is testing at the best of times, but the temperature added to the demands on the athletes. Even after the first k most runners were thirsty, and many people slowed down significantly on the second lap.The first aiders had quite a bit of work to do, and a few runners dropped out. None of which seemed to trouble Louis Taub, on whom fatherhood seems to be sitting well. He came in a great second behind easy winner Chicester’s James Baker (who won the Sussex 5K champs at K2 the day before). Together with Shaun Billing and Paul Prosser the team prize was also secured. There where a couple bottles of red rattling in the boot on the way home, what a lovely sound. Elaine Everill was third lady behind Hailsham’s Gill Wheeler and Sam Alvarez (Cathy Ulliott is holding some swag for her if Elaine reads this). Results with thanks to Zamzar conversions.

2 0:35:58 TAUB, Louis

9 0:36:58 BILLING, Shaun

13 0:37:51 PROSSER, Pau

14 0:38:26 ULLIOTT, Tom

19 0:38:55 STILES, Drew

59 0:42:07 EVERILL, Elaine

69 0:42:48 WHITTLE, David

120 0:46:20 MITCHELSON, Andy

196 0:49:55 FOORD, Roger John

214 0:50:41 TURNER, Dominique

300 0:56:06 CARDER, Tim

362 1:00:12_FOORD, Hugh Vivian

Horsham 10K website http://www.horshamjoggers.co.uk/10K.htm