Brighton 10k – Your Club Needs You!

October 3, 2017

The Brighton 10k road race will be held on Sunday,19 November 2017, starting in Madeira Drive, Brighton.

The race is organised by the B&H Supporters’ Association and is a major fund-raiser for the athletics club. Membership subscriptions come nowhere near covering all the expenses of the club and maintaining other income streams is essential. Please, if the club has given to you, consider giving something back by volunteering to help at the 10k (unless you’re running).

Keith Donno, the organiser, requires unqualified helpers and also a few with a little more experience who are willing to lead a small team. The race starts at 9.30 am but helpers will need to arrive around 8.00 am for instructions and set up. Dayglow marshals’ vests and refreshments will be issued on the day. The race will be over by 11.00am and the clear up finished around noon. There is likely to be a pub meeting for team leaders before the event.

Keith needs to know numbers ASAP This is much more helpful than turning up on spec on the day. Contact Keith to ask any questions or volunteer your services and let him know which category of helper you are by