Excellent results for BHAC at the third Sussex Cross-Country League match

December 6, 2023

First, a big thanks all the volunteers who helped in any capacity before and during the third Sussex Cross-Country League match at Stanmer Park last Saturday. Without you giving up your time, this meeting could not take place.

Race report from Jay, Junior Team Manager:

In sports, there is a perceived home advantage, and in many ways, that seemed the case at Stanmer Park as our athletes shone against some excellent competition. Perhaps the message on the importance of nutrition has fed through as it certainly looked like they had “had their Weetabix!” (other breakfast options and brands available, of course).

On Saturday morning, it was clear that winter had arrived, with a white frosting on the grass and hard ground underfoot. Thankfully, it warmed up as we approached the races, with the ground softening in some places. However, it was very cold during set up and bitter cold for the senior races once that sun dipped below the tree line.

I challenged myself to think of a word(s) to encompass each race. On this occasion, I think that word is “bravery”. Anyone who has been a spectator or runner at Stanmer will be familiar with the steep, long, downhill stretch to the finish (and end of the first lap). I was marshalling at the top of that hill with the perfect view down to the bottom. In all age groups, our athletes attacked that hill without fear and without reducing their speed. They trusted their legs (and spikes) as they sprinted flat out towards the finish that was still some 300m away. You’ll have to ask your athlete how it felt, but watching it was both exhilarating and somewhat scary!

Thanks to that bravery, our teams secured some excellent results on the day, with the u13G coming 3rd, u13B 1st and 6th, the u15G coming home in 1st and 6th, and the u15B coming 5th. Our u17W were 4th and our u17M again dominated with 1st, 3rd and 6th.

We landed several individual top-five finishes on the day. The u13B team saw Taylor, Oliver, and Joaquin in 1st, 3rd, and 5th respectively. Julieana W crossed the line in 2nd after an excellent run-off with Lewes. Rosie battled a strong field to 5th, and the u17M also blocked out much of the top 5 with Finlay 2nd, Thomas M 4th and Arun 5th.

The provisional results can be found at:


Assuming they do not change, then BHAC is in a really strong position in most of the age groups:

  • u13G = 3rd (17pts behind Crawley and 37pts ahead of HY B Team)
  • u13B = 1st (21pts clear of Eastbourne)
  • u15G = 2nd (8pts behind Eastbourne and a massive 54pts ahead of Crawley)
  • u15B = 4th (33pts behind Chichester and 14pts ahead of Brighton Phoenix)
  • u17W = 5th (just 1pt behind Chichester and 46pts ahead of Brighton Phoenix)
  • u17M A = 1st (a huge 67pts ahead of Brighton Phoenix)
  • u17M B = 3rd (only 5pts behind Brighton Phoenix and 22pts clear of Eastbourne)

We could be on for a fabulous haul of medals if we get enough runners out for Glyndebourne in February for the final league match.

Well done to all our athletes. Having such a good turnout really does matter, as it helps with our overall point count and creates points buffers for the teams who are in medal positions. You are all incredible.

Our thanks as always to Andy Cox for the photographs. Please ensure he is credited if you use them.


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