Copenhagen Marathon 18th May

May 20, 2008

After braving the high prices, poor service, terrible food (thank god for Wagamamas!) and strange mix of regulation (no-one dares jay walk), and liberalism (there are some mind boggling tv channels) of the very interesting city of Copenhagen, the Brighton raiders (‘take that for the monasteries!’ [thanks for that one Neil]) lined up for the marathon. The temperature was perfect, but there was a nagging cold wind, and the course while flat has many turns. Well organised and supported, the Danish seem to be quite a sporty lot judging by the number of cyclists, and were keen to show their appreciation. Of note was the way the runners were weaved through busy roads in a phased way, analogous to the way pedestrians cross Birdcage Walk during the London marathon. Very clever. Neil was disappointed with his run but he hadn’t completely recovered from a cold, and Kader was pleased with his efforts. Full results.


Plac. Tid Nr. Navn Firma/forening Brutto Omgang1 Omgang2
1 02:21:05 1 Julius Mutai Team Ecco-Newline 02:21:09 01:10:30 01:10:35
76 02:52:09 1657 Shaun Billing Brighton And Hove City Ac 02:53:01 01:25:54 01:26:15
388 03:09:53 1768 Neil Jeffrey Walford Brighton And Hove Ac 03:10:45 01:27:22 01:42:30
853 03:22:34 1635 Remy Stevens Brighton & Hove Athletics Club 03:24:38 01:39:30 01:43:03
897 03:23:25 1829 Abdelkader Sidi-Moussa Brighton And Hove 03:24:52 01:38:59 01:44:02
449 04:10:02 1634 Gill Cammack Brighton & Hove Athletics Club 04:14:08 01:59:07 02:10:54
4657 04:13:24 1071 Jonathan Sydenham Start To Run 04:19:01 02:04:51 02:08:33