Committee News

February 7, 2016

Dear Members,

I hope you are settling into the new year and have successfully negotiated signing up.

Membership Cards:

Please remember to bring your membership cards with you when you pay on training nights. Remember you will not be able to claim members discount unless you show your card at the gate.


We are still looking for volunteers, but most particularly someone who could act as a volunteer co-ordinator.

By way of encouragement, on:TUESDAY 16th February, we have a visit for Emily Lewis and Dave Moorcroft from England Athletics.

They will be in and around the clubhouse during the evening to give information about all aspects of volunteering and to take questions.

Please try to come along and consider volunteering in some capacity. The more people we have helping, the better our club will be and the more opportunities there will be for our athletes.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reply