Committee Minutes June 2008

June 10, 2008

Minutes of the committee meeting held on Tuesday 3rd June 2008.

Present: Derek Wood, Chris Carter, Bob Willows, Carole Dale, Graham Ashdown, John Clements,

Apologies for absence: Elaine Carter, Judith Carder, Anne Fielding Smith, Carole Donaldson, John Doherty, Matt Bristow, Richard Carter, Bern Polden.

The minutes of the previous meeting were signed as a true record.

Matters arising: the website is up and running and Bob asked when the old one will close so that visitors can only get the updated version. Chris will contact Dave Boyce for an answer.

The new rule books have been ordered and are due very soon.

Correspondence: a thank you from the county for agreeing to provide refreshments at the under 13 and vets championships.

Carole had received a letter from Angel Collins giving her resignation, again! she is returning to Phoenix. Chris mentioned that she is in violation of England Athletics rules in so much that she has moved four times in a very short period of time. Carole had also received a letter from a Mrs. Hastings thanking the club for all the hard work that it puts in when training her child and providing competition.

Finance report: Mike’s monthly report had been circulated to the email members of the committee. The club is still in a sound position despite the slowdown in subscriptions and expenditure on coaches to various meetings. John asked if Mike could rename the AMEX fund as the coaching fund, (Mike please note). Bob had received a donation of £25 from the teas at the multi event championships held last week, (thanks to Paula Hailstone). He also has £310 to pass on from the fares collected at the YAL match on Sunday. He would pass this on when he eventually gets the fares from the under 20 match at Basingstoke that was promised by the team manager!

Team Reports: the senior man had won their second match at Portsmouth and this has put them in second place in the league with the home match due this week-end.

The senior women had placed third in a tough match at Horsham and this has lifted them into 11th spot.

The under 20,s had also won their match at Basingstoke but there was no managers report.

The YAL had visited Welwyn on Sunday with a depleted team and had finished last, putting them in the relegation zone. Carole had mentioned the poor showing from the under 13’s and the under 17 girls. She was very disappointed that she had asked several parents, only to discover that the children were not members of the club. Further proof that we need to be more aware of the status of those we coach.
The under 13’s had won their opening fixture by a huge margin but there was no manager’s report. Strange how we can fill every event in the local league but not the YAL?.

The County championships had been a huge success for the club with us taking 59 medals in all categories including 18 gold. It was mentioned that we supplied the majority of the entries in all relay events. A superb week-end for the club and its coaches.

Judith sent in a report on the Bognor 10K doubling as the county championships. We had one gold medallist, Tom Ulliott and two silvers and two bronzes. Another fine performance.

Chris brought up the subject of the proposed under 15 league run by Eastbourne Rovers.
The club has never discussed this at committee and if we are to compete this will need to be rectified. The committee members present were against the idea as the children are stretched at present without any further commitments. As the league has started it was felt that we should only participate if there is no cost to the club.

Clubhouse and promotions: the men’s and yal have home fixtures this month and Chris reminded people that we have committed to the Brighton Festival of Sport on Sunday 29th July where we have hired the track for demonstration purposes.

Coaching and officials: after an unfortunate incident where a parent and her daughter had arrived at the track hoping to join the sprint group and were rejected due to large numbers it was suggested that we might consider a waiting list. After a lengthy debate and an assurance from John that the situation had been rectified, (Trevor will take the girl in his group), it was decided that we should avoid a waiting list if at all possible.

Any other business: Bob had been contacted by St. Andrews School asking if there was anyone at the club who might give the children a talk on high level competition and training. The school is have an Olympic week as a run up to Beijing. Chris, (the obvious chose), agreed to do this.

Derek asked if we can return to providing news letters and the annual Pacemaker report. All were in favour but a volunteer is needed, anyone out there? He also mentioned that this could be done via the new website.

Graham asked for all road running matters be directed to him.

Chris confirmed that he has officially invited Fatima Whitbread to the open meeting.

Meeting closed at 10.01. Next meeting is on Tuesday 1st July