Training & Coaching

John Clements



UKA Level 3 Middle Distance & Endurance Performance

Specialist Disciplines:

Middle Distance, Endurance, 365 Multi-Events, Circuits Strength & Conditioning

Age Groups:


Training Days:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Years coaching:

Nearly 20

Coaching Qualifications and Background:

UKA Level 3 Middle Distance & Endurance Performance, and Coaching Sussex endurance squad

Famous Athlete help start:

Emma Dixon, Ian Crowe-Wright, Will Gray, Tom Eames and many more to come!

Athletics Background:

Started running as a schoolboy in Cornwall in the 70’s. Ran for Brighton & Hove AC in the 80’s & 90’s and Coaching since 99.

Favourite Music:

Anything relaxing

Favourite Movie:

It’s a Wonderful Life

Favourite Food:

Anything my wife cooks

Worst Job:

Spinning too many plates

Favourite Athletes:

Emil Zatopek