Clubmark FAQs

June 11, 2014

Below are some FAQs on Club Accreditation (Clubmark):

Q: Can any Athletics club achieve Club Accreditation?

A: Any athletic club can apply for club accreditation. There are two different club accreditation packs, one for clubs with a junior section and one for adult only clubs. They essentially cover the same areas but Sport England’s Clubmark scheme only recognises clubs with junior sections. England Athletics recognises both.

Q: What does Club Accreditation cover?

A: Achieving England Athletics ‘Accredited Club’ status will ensure your club is nationally recognised as providing an ‘active, accessible and accredited’ club environment.
Clubmark consists of four key areas:
1)    Activity
2)    Duty of care and protecting and safeguarding members
3)    Knowing your club and it community
4)    Club Management

Q: What does gaining accredited status involve?

A: To achieve accredited club status, clubs must complete the file send to them after registration. In the file there are a number of templates available to make the process easier for clubs. After this file has been assessed by the CCSO and Area Panel, a site visit will take place to assess the club. The CCSO will support the club throughout the process.
Click here for a diagram of the process.

Q: How long does it take to gain accredited status?

A: Clubs are given 1 year after application to complete the file and host a site visit. During this period the club is titled as ‘working towards’. Once the club is accredited they will be moved to the accredited list. If they haven’t completed the accreditation process within a year they are removed from the working towards list. Pro-active clubs are able to complete their application in just 2-3 months. Some clubs will already have some of the required infrastructure in place.

Q: Why should clubs apply for accreditation?

A: Club Accreditation provides recognition for high quality clubs. Clubmark is an important club development tool and provides a solid foundation for all clubs wishing to grow and progress.
They are a number of benefits and rewards associated with achieving club accreditation. To see these, visit the benefits and awards section. There are also a number of success stories of clubs who have achieved accredited status, click here to read them.

Q: How do I know which clubs are accredited and the nearest one to me?

A: You can view a list of accredited clubs and clubs that are working towards accredited status by clicking here. These databases include clubs with junior sections and adult only clubs. To view a list with just clubs who have a junior section click here.

Q: How long does Club accreditation last?

A: Club accreditation lasts for 3 years, at this stage each club will be re-assessed on all areas.  Clubs are asked to complete an ‘Annual Healthcheck’ to ensure no major changes have taken place and standards are kept.

Q: What is re-accreditation?

A: After the 3 years of accredited status has lapsed clubs can apply for re-accreditation. Clubs do this my submitting a new registration form to England Athletics. If a club has kept their original folder up to date, re-accreditation isn’t a long process. Once re-accredited, a clubs has accredited status for another 3 years. There is no limit on how many times a club can apply for re-accreditation.

Q: How can I find out more about Clubmark?

A: Visit  Note: This is run by Sport England and only for clubs with a junior section. England Athletics Club Accreditation applies to clubs with and without a junior section.