Bronze Medal Glory for B&H AC Master’s Men at Southern Road Relays!

September 24, 2023

There were many great results for B&H AC athletes at the Southern Road Relays held at Aldershot Rushmoor arena on Saturday.

Our senior ladies achieved a very creditable 23rd place out of 61 highly competitive teams. Emily Muzio kicked things off impressively on leg one, finishing in 30th place with a time of 22:54. Lydia Growns with 24:21 slipped just one place, and Kathleen Law clocked in at 23:37, pushed us up to 28th. Finally, on leg 4, our V50 lady, Linda Schofield, delivered a stellar performance, securing 23rd place, a leap of five positions, with a time of 22:20.

Our V40 men were even more impressive, with an outstanding bronze medal team performance. Craig Halsey gave us the perfect start, coming home 1st V40 in 19:19, then Louis Taub ran solidly to slip just two places to 3rd place with 20:59. Ziad Wattar held 3rd place with 21:12 and finally Howard Bristow (Main photo) made sure of our bronze medals with an excellent 20:32 on the anchor leg. Superbly well done to all eight team members; it’s great to see the club performing so well in this prestigious event.

by Tom Ulliott

We were fortunate to have beautiful British weather for the SEAA South of England Road Relays held at Aldershot, with clear blue skies, no clouds, and a pleasant 16-degree temperature. The turnout was huge, with teams coming from as far away as Cornwall to compete against some of the best in the country.

This event marked my first time serving as the Winter Team Manager, which came with its own set of concerns. Our coaches were unavailable due to illness or other commitments, and transitioning from the summer track season to longer distances with hills and different terrains presented a selection challenge. However, my worries were unfounded. Our athletes not only performed brilliantly but also demonstrated exceptional organisational skills. They walked the course, warmed up properly, and ensured they were on the start line on time. It was heartening to witness our older athletes guiding their younger or new counterparts, advising on everything from using the ankle chips to race strategies—a testament to our team spirit.

Our athletes exhibited flexibility and adaptability, adjusting to last-minute team changes caused by unexpected illnesses and injuries. Some of our runners moved teams or ended up on a leg that was not their preferred one, but all did so willingly and with determination. The day was not without drama as one of our runners had to withdraw mid-race due to being unwell. Despite their disappointment, the smile was back on their face later in the afternoon. We had Mia D insisting on running despite missing training all week due to illness and then still giving the team a solid result. Also due to team changes Layla, who only recently joined the club, had to run her first team relay race in a team made up of just herself but she got out there and put in a strong performance.

My thanks also to Duncan, who supported me throughout the day doing pretty much anything and everything!


by Jay Potton


Senior Men’s ‘A’ Team 10th out of 107

Nick Dawson, Alex Riley, Ton Niner, Matthew Grindrod, Ian Crowe-Wright, James Turner


Senior Men’s ‘B’ Team incomplete 100th

Joshua Hobbs, Ruben Whitfield


u17 Women = 4.6km 

A Team was 23rd out of 47 teams

A1 = Dulcie Yelling = 18.02

A2 = Nicole Bleasdale = 19.16

A3 = Marnie Butler = 20.54


u17 Men = 4.6km 

 A Team was 16th out of 68 teams

A1 = Arun Khursheed = 14.58

A2 = Freddie Matthews = 16.00

A3 = Thomas Matthews = 15.16


B Team was 34th out of 68 teams

B1 = Rowan Curtis = 15.23

B2 = James Polton = 17.23

B3 = Rory Monti = 16.32


C Team was 54th out of 68 teams

C1 = Thomas Barnett = 17.44

C2 = Ruben DiCarlo = 18.11

C3 = Oliver Holt = 18.42


D1 = Sonny Ryder = 17.36


u15 Girls = 3km 

A Team was 24th out of 63 teams

A1 = Lara Cox = 11.15

A2 = Juliana Christopherson = 11.54

A3 = Angelina Diacci = 12.45


B Team was 35th out of 63 teams

B1 = Elodie Clayton = 12.18

B2 = Mia Potton = 12.03

B3 = Naomi Crittenden = 13.05


C1 = Layla Smith = 12.34


u13 Girls = 3km

A Team was 10th out of 48 teams

A1 = Seren Rowe = 12.06

A2 = Florence Matten = 12.20

A3 = Gracie Fox = 11.31


B Team was 37th out of 48 teams

B1 = Francesca Crittenden = 13.51

B2 = Scarlet Airey = 13.30

B3 = Mia Diacci = 14.28


U13 Boys Team 9th

Taylor Thom-Watts, Joaquin Perez Rork, Louis Ashworth


See the full results HERE