Brighton & Hove Men quickest time for 9 years

March 21, 2010

Sunday 21st March – Open University, Milton Keynes

The Brighton and Hove mens team were in action today at the Open University in Milton Keynes for the Southern Road Relay Championships. The relay alternates 6 long legs (7978m) and 6 short legs (5506m)

It was a much improved performance this year as we posted our fastest time and position for 9 years, 4:37:38 and 14th to qualify for the National Road Relays for the 6th year in succession.

It was Chris Thomson who in the spring sunshine set off the team to an excellent start. Chris who has recently posted times of 31:02 and 69:55 for 10k and Half Marathon respectively ran the team into seventh position with 24:46. Richard Airey took over on second leg and held off a number of good runners for 18:26. After finishing just ahead of fellow Sussex runner Ben Warren, Rich was happy that he managed to hold off Ben despite the Harrow runner’s time of 17:14.

The remainder of the race was spent in the between 11th and 16th position and with some big gaps appearing later on as the field spread out a few of our runners had lonely runs.

The aim at the start of the day was to qualify for the National Road Relays at Sutton Park, Birmingham on 17 April. There was talk that we were good enough to maybe finish in the top 15. With both of these goals achieved we went home after an excellent day out looking forward to doing it all again in three weeks time.

14   Brighton & Hove City AC ‘A’      4:37:38  
1   Chris Thomson 24:46 7 24:46  
2   Richard Airey 18:26 11 0:43:12  
3   Kevin Mason 27:53 16 1:11:05  
4   David Boyce 18:38 14 1:29:43  
5   Martyn Bean 27:19 16 1:57:02  
6   Zarad Hale 19:12 16 2:16:14  
7   Andrew Donno 26:53 14 2:43:07  
8   Craig Walker 18:56 12 3:02:03  
9   Luke Lambourne 27:14 11 3:29:17  
10   Josh Mutch 18:29 11 3:47:46  
11   Matthew Bristow 27:13 11 4:14:59  
12   Dan Titheradge 22:39 14 4:37:38


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