1-2-3- for B&H Girls in the Mini Mile at the Brighton Half marathon

February 21, 2011

Commanding from the start Nancy Jones sped to victory in the girls’
(8-11) mile race in a time of 5.12. Nancy was third overall in a mixed field of 159 youngsters. She was followed home by Ella Witt (5.18) and Amber Anning (5.32) making it a clean sweep on the podium for B&H.

Thomas Blanden (5.21), Max Brazier (5.31) and Owen May (5.38) also shone, coming 4th, 7th and 8th in the boys’ category. A special mention to 12 year old Finn Davies. Finn was the club’s only representative in the 12-16 age group. He was 9th in the boys’ race (10th overall) in a time of 5.18. 

Well done to all the young club athletes who took part and remember it’s not too late to enter the Brighton Marathon mini mile on April 10th.  The deadline for entries is midnight 13th March.  

Results B&H Brighton Half Marathon Youth Race 8-11 Year Olds
Place Time Name
3  5:12   Nancy Jones (1st girl)

5  5:18   Ella Witt ( 2nd girl) 

6  5:21   Thomas Blanden (4th boy)

9  5:31   Max Brazier (7th boy)

10  5:32   Amber Anning (3rd girl)

15  5:38   Owen May (8th boy)

31  5:59   Josephine Grumitt

66  6:31   Lillian Waddington

91  6:50   Roxy Jones

137  7:52   Millie Paynter

151  8:55   Alice Clasby

Full results at: http://www.sportsystems.co.uk




Nancy Jones (1st place girl)   Ella Witt ( 2nd girl)

Nancy Jones (1st place girl), and Ella Witt ( 2nd girl)

Amber Anning (3rd girl) Thomas Blanden (4th boy)
Max Brazier (7th boy), Amber Anning (3rd girl) and Thomas Blanden (4th boy)


In the senior event Fiona Powell retained her title, winning the Womens race in a new personal best time of 80:58, and the Men’s event Louis Taub placed 12th in a new personal best of 74.02