Girls Cross Country Report November 2008

December 2, 2008

This year the girls Cross Country Team has been outstanding with all the girls running brilliantly.  The under 13 teams have had success at Goodwood in the cross country relays winning a bronze medal, they gained first team place at the Phoenix Races and are currently lying second in the league after two races. 

Cross Country Relays at Goodwood

Four under 13s (Laura Smith, Holly Turner, Ella Spurgeon and Esther Lutz Davies) and four under 15s (Jordan Page, Ellie Woolcott, Rachel Titheradge and Melissa Donaldson) turned out for the relays at Goodwood.  Laura, Esther and Melissa all running their first cross country.  Despite the wet miserable conditions the girls put in some great performances.  The under 13 team of Laura, Holly and Ella came 3rd and won a bronze medal while the under 15 team came 9th.

League Race 1 at Goodwood

In the first league race the under 15 team was depleted due to half term activities with just Melissa Donaldson representing the club.  Seven girls ran in the under 13s with Laura, Holly, Ella and Esther being joined by three girls new to cross country Steffi Paraskevas, Beth Faulkner and Ella Faulkner .  The girls all ran brilliantly with all the girls in the top two thirds of the field and Laura showing outstanding form to be the first Brighton girl back.

8 Laura  Smith
10 Holly Turner
12 Ella Spurgeon
16 Beth Faulkner

Phoenix Races at Preston Park

Eight under 13 girls ran in the Preston Park Races, the first time for many years that there has been an under 13 Brighton girls team.  Again some excellent individual results and a fantastic team effort with the team of Laura, Ella and Steffi winning first place and a medal.

6 Laura Smith
8 Ella Spurgeon
10 Steffi Paraskevas
11 Holly Turner

League Race 2 at Plumpton

In cold conditions seven runners turned up at Plumpton.  Mud was the order of the day.  One of our girls loosing her shoe in the mud just walking the course.  One falling during the race and finishing covered in black mud! Despite the conditions the girls produced some outstanding results.  In the under 13s all five girls finished within eleven places of each other, with Holly producing an outstanding run to be the first Brighton girl.  In the league our under 13 first team are in 2nd position and our second team in 5th position. 

7 Holly Turner
8 Laura Smith
13 Ella Spurgeon

Rachel Titheradge and Ellie Woolcott represented the club in the under 15s with Rachel finishing in 13th.

This is the most encouraging season for Brighton’s girls cross country for a long time with so many under 13s running and all running near the top half of the field.  It is a delight to watch them run all apparently enjoying the wet, mud and cold.  Thanks to the coaches Peter and John for their dedication in supporting these runners and encouraging these girls to take part.

Ann Titheradge and Judith Wolcott
Girls Team Managers