Training & Coaching

Annie Close



Athletics coach

Specialist Disciplines:

Horizontal jumps

Age Groups:


Training Days:


Years coaching:


Coaching Qualifications and Background:

I started helping out as an assistant coach at Brighton while I was pregnant with my daughter Lily back in 2015 and have since completed my full athletics coach qualification. I naturally gravitated towards coaching jumps due to my own background.

Athletics Background:

I only started training as an athlete when I was 17 and joined my first club (City of Portsmouth) when I was 20. My favourite event is triple jump and even though I've reached the other side of 30 and have started having children I find it very difficult to give it up!

Favourite Music:

Happy by Pharell Williams

Favourite Movie:

I was film student once upon a time and choosing just one is really hard!

Favourite Food:

bananas and custard

Worst Job:

working at the water company