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Iain Barton




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Age Groups:


Years coaching:


Coaching Qualifications and Background:

I have the standard UKA qualifications for a sprints coach and have attended a myriad of associated courses including on psychology, social interactions/group dynamics in sports, and on maximising potential

Famous Athlete help start:

Potentially you

Athletics Background:

I was a half decent sprinter as a young man, but my main sport was rugby growing up, so athletics took a back seat. I took up coaching as a postgraduate to take my mind away from the monotony of writing about the world.Experience had taught me that, no matter how talented an individual appears to be, there is no substitute for a good work ethic in an athlete. I therefore pride myself on working hard to get the best out of each athlete I coach, rather than obsessing about which one is the most talented.

Favourite Music:

Bach, but I like everything

Favourite Movie:

The Empire Strikes Back

Favourite Food:

Pulled pork

Worst Job:

I once had a job canvassing for a company that sold coverings for buildings. Thankfully I was rubbish at it and left after a week.

Favourite Athletes:

Michael Johnson, John Regis, Daley Thompson and Derek Redmond